ARROWFISH is a high-tech company specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, marketing of building fa?ade fixing technologies.   

     We develop new technology and breakthrough innovation continuously based on the most advanced German technology we introduced。Through of Professional Application of BIM Technology and established a technical team for the support system and attend the standard several national engineering technical codes and atlases.  Products follow the direction of development of standard setting, adding plant, construction assembling, operation and maintenance integration. Committed to create a collection of product sales, assembly base, building electromechanical integration platform as one of the collectivization enterprise.

      Assembly integrated support and hanger system is mainly used in industrial and civil construction, URT, municipal underground pipeline, green new energy and other fields, Sold to clients to Asia, Europe, America, Middle East and etc. 


Brands stem from persistence, innovation, change the future


We will combine the successful experience of the past and strive to have new creative designs and product applications for each project in the future.

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Nanning Fuya International Financial Center

Latest Products Image

Taizhou Tiansheng Center

Latest Products Image

Guangxi Trading building



Arrowfish is the first company to form a BIM design team in the assembled integrated support and hanger industry. Through the understanding of design and decades of product development, it provides reliable technical consulting services for the project. At present, BIM design capability is in the leading position in the industry and has won the trust of many customers.

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Enterprise Certification

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